WATERWORLD Lithium Batteries

Top-quality lithium batteries specifically designed for the marine environment. Some of the most reliable, robust and safest battery out there.

Available as 48 Volt – 6.5 kWh and 13 kWh

Key Benefits

  • Smaller

    Up to 3 x smaller in volume. (Compared to lead acid equivalent)

  • Lighter

    3-4 x lighter in weight. (Compared to lead acid equivalent)

  • Longer

    Up to 5 times longer lifetime. (Compared to lead acid equivalent)

  • Power

    Constant voltage - constant power

  • Simpler

    Plug and Play

  • Cycle

    Up to 20 times longer cycle lifetime. (Compared to lead acid equivalent)

Battery Safety

Product and customer safety is the top priority

That is why we only use the most stable lithium chemistry available on the market

Smart Battery Management

The state of the art battery management system protects the battery cells from extreme conditions.

Robust Aluminium Enclosure

The robust 3.5mm thick enclosure is extremely strong and durable. It is multi purpose as it protects the battery electronics from the environment while acting as a heat sink keeping the battery cool.

Cylindrical battery cells

Our batteries are made of 352 individual small cells. This increases safety, reliability and overall performance of the battery

Plug and Play system

The easy-to-use power connectors click into place, even in the tight corners of your ship. Install your battery in the safest way.

Standard with beautiful accessories

All WaterWorld motors come standard with a throttle and color display