ePropulsion I-Series Electric Inboard Motors

New for 2023 - The I-Series brings the ePropulsion experience to inboard electric installations. Designed from the ground up the range offers a fully integrated system with full connectivity.

Designed to save both space and weight; the I-Series are 65% lighter than a typical combustion engine. This reduces the area needed for engine compartments and frees up space on board for other purposes.

Using the G102-100 lithium iron phospate battery (LiFePo4) results in a modular 'plug and play' system compatible with ePropulsion Connectivity Service. The Advance Drive Assistance System (ADAS) enhances safety and provides intuitive control for the skipper.

ePropulsion I-Series electric inboard motors are ideal for small to medium sized leisure boats as well as commercial workboats and water buses.

The Electric Boat Company are one of the very few authorised installers of the I-Series in the UK.

Pick your Power

Compact and Integrated


Featuring a streamlined design, the I-Series motors ingeniously combine five essential components into a remarkably compact unit. These include the motor itself, a gearbox, a motor controller, a system control unit, and a cooling system.

This integration not only conserves valuable space but also simplifies the installation process, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of marine applications.


eSSA: The Core of I-Series

Built on the foundation of ePropulsion's Smart System Architecture (eSSA), the I-Series inboard motors offer a cutting-edge solution. Their intelligent, modular design ensures both safety and reliability while also facilitating seamless integration with ePropulsion Connectivity Services and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

  • Next-Gen Controls Powered by eSSA

    The Smart Throttle and 5-inch Smart Display offer an unparalleled user experience in both control and monitoring. With three flexible mounting options, the Smart Throttle can be easily adapted to suit your boat's specific needs, ensuring an optimal fit every time.

    • Top or Side
    • Single or Dual
    • Port or Starboard
  • G102-100 Battery

    The G102-100 battery delivers high energy density with an intelligent battery management system. Connection to the I-Series by the integrated ePropulsion CANbus provides full battery information in realtime on the display.Multiple batteries can be incorporated to a system to achieve the required range.

Try before you buy

With the increasing range of electric propulsion systems being promoted we are finding many performance claims are somewhat over-stated. The Electric Boat Company only offer products we have first hand experience with and in many cases use the exact systems within our own hire fleets, running thousands of hours per year.

We are proud to have installed the very first i-Series in the UK. Take a look at our case study.