Waterworld Electric Inboard Motors

A smart and complete inboard electric drive system available in a range of 4 kW – 20 kW. Top quality inboard systems specifically designed to optimize the boating experience in any way you like. All in one package. Guaranteed for a fun day on the water, no compromises.

Pick your Power


  • Air-cooled

    The WaterWorld induction motor is air cooled allowing simple installation without active cooling tubes while also reducing maintenance.

    Smart integrated system

    All components in the system communicate with each other. This results in a super reliable system and keeps you up to date with everything going on.

  • Extremely quiet

    Our in house developed motor controller makes no sound. This in combination with the use of a super quiet induction motor results in our industry leading quiet electric drives

    Low Maintenance

    Our air cooled motor requires no winter preparation. This results in a maintenance free drivetrain. No need to worry about oil changes or dirty bilge water.


Try before you buy

With the increasing range of electric propulsion systems being promoted we are finding many performance claims are somewhat over-stated. The Electric Boat Company only offer products we have first hand experience with and in many cases use the exact systems within our own hire fleets, running thousands of hours per year.

A number of our hire fleet operating from Marlow, Oakley Court and Runnymede use the Waterworld inboard motors. Why not try one on the water for yourself?