ePropulsion G-102-100 Battery

  • Fully Compatible with ePropulsion Motors

    Power the 96V 10kW to 40kW ePropulsion motors
    including the I-Series inboards.

  • Long Life Cycle

    3,000 cycles at 80% DOD, the G102-100 lifepo4 battery powers your motors much longer than lead-acid

  • Easy to Install

    Connectors can be installed with only ONE hand, and
    the battery saves wiring harness connection compared
    to series-parallel connection of battery.

  • High Energy Density

    3 times higher energy density and 70% less weight
    than lead-acid batteries.

  • Maximum safety

    Made with LFP, the built-in intelligent battery management system (BMS) is applied to provide maximum safety for the users.

  • High Reliability

    All-metal housing is more reliable, weather resistant,
    impact resistant and drop proof.


Why choose G102-100 over third party option?

  • Fully Compatible with ePropulsion Motors, G102-100 powers 96V 10kW to 40kW ePropulsion motors including the I-Series inboards. Through the internal communication protocol, the G102-100 can present battery status information and high precision data (eg: SOC). Working in synergy with the outboard/inboard motor and energy system, the battery provides the customer with a better power experience.
  • The G102-100 is a lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) with a single pack of 102V, a built-in BMS, a full metal housing and IP67 protection design for greater safety and reliability.

Can I use a 3rd-party charger for my G102-100 battery?

No. Third-party chargers are not allowed for warranty reasons.

What is the function of terminal resistance?

Terminal resistance is used to ensure the quality of communication and reliability when the batteries are connected in parallel.

How do I turn on and off the G102-100 battery?

The G102-100 battery has a power button that can be pressed to turn the battery on and off.When the G102-100 battery is working in connection with the ePropulsion motor, users can turn the motor on or off directly. The motor will automatically turn the battery on and off.

Can G102-100 battery be used in series?

No. The G102-100 operates at 102V and can only be connected in parallel, not in series.