First Wave X

Green Waves has a new powertrain series, First Wave X.

A high-quality system built for professional use in both fresh and salt water. Developed in Norway for demanding users. Easy to install in new boats as well as existing boats.

Discover the joy of carefree boating, without the noise, fumes and maintenance.

  • First Wave X

    Green Waves have extensive experience in electric boating technology, they have developed a plug-and-play system that seamlessly integrates into both new and existing boats. Their components are of the highest quality, ensuring durability and longevity.

    Furthermore, their advanced software gives customers added value through efficient and safe operation. First Wave X comes with live monitoring and remote support, providing complete control over the system and location of the boat.

At a Glance

Inboard or POD

4 - 15kW Inboard and POD motors

Battery pack

10 - 40kW battery package

Fresh or Saltwater

The motor's versatility extends across various marine environments, making it suitable for use in both fresh and saltwater conditions

Plug & Play

Easy installation in both new and existing boats

Smart boating

Remote support and live monitoring

App monioring

Optional app monitoring

Fleet management

Perfect if you are in the boat rental business