Waterworld is a renowned brand specializing in electric propulsion systems for marine applications.

Their systems are designed to provide efficient and environmentally friendly propulsion solutions for different types of vessels, including boats, yachts and commercial vessels.

They provide a complete package to electrify your boat. This includes the electric drive, throttle, colour display and lithium batteries.

Every boat is unique: in order to ensure your system delivers your desired boating experience please get in touch so that we can understand your needs. We will be delighted to recommend a combination of motor, throttle and battery that provides an optimal electric boating experience.

Select your System

  • Electric propulsion technology

    Waterworld’s systems typically use advanced electric propulsion technology, providing smooth, quiet operation, reducing vibration and requiring less maintenance compared to traditional internal combustion engines.

    Energetic efficiency

    Electric propulsion systems are renowned for their high energy efficiency, enabling longer run times on a single charge and potentially reducing operational costs.

  • Customization options

    Waterworld can offer a range of propulsion system configurations and power outputs to suit different vessel sizes and applications.

    Quiet operation

    Electric propulsion systems provide quiet operation, reducing noise pollution and improving the overall boating experience.

  • Zero emissions

    Electric propulsion systems produce zero exhaust emissions, making them environmentally friendly and helping to keep waterways cleaner.

    Battery integration

    Waterworld systems often incorporate sophisticated battery management systems to optimize battery performance and ensure safety during charging and discharging.

  • Diesel engine

    (30 Hp)

    100+ Kg



    (Loud conversation)



    Yearly oil changes and winter preparations

    Polluting the waters you love sailing in, harming aquatic life
  • Waterworld Inboard





    (inaudible on water)



    Just dust off every once in a while
    No effect on your environment
  • Waterworld Accessories

    A full range of accessories are available to optimise your installation.

  • Case Studies

    Follow the link to see all of our case studies.

    Case Studies 

Try before you buy

A number of our hire fleet operating from Marlow, Oakley Court and Runnymede use the Waterworld Inboard motors. Why not try one on the water for yourself?

With the increasing range of electric propulsion systems being promoted we are finding many performance claims are somewhat over-stated. The Electric Boat Company only offer products we have first hand experience with and in many cases use the exact systems within our own hire fleets, running thousands of hours per year.