ePropulsion Navy Evo Electric Outboard Motors

The ePropulsion Navy Evo range offers a choice of 3kW or 6kW electric outboard motor. To complete the system simply add your preferred control option and battery.

Installation is simple resulting in a quiet, clean and maintenance free boating experience.

All Navy Evo electric outboards feature electric start, a magnetic kill cord, adjustable maximum power output and a digital display with real-time monitoring of power, runtime, battery level and voltage.

Please use the information below to help choose the most appropriate solution for your boat. Of course if you have any questions or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Select your System

  • Navy 3.0 EVO

    Power: 3kW / 6hp

    Rated Voltage: 48V
    Max Current Draw: 62.5A
    Short or Long Shaft
    Weight*: 21.7kg

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  • Navy 6.0 EVO

    Power: 6kW / 9.9hp
    Rated Voltage: 48V

    Max Current Draw: 125A
    Short or Long Shaft
    Weight: 29kg(S)/30kg(L)

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  • Evo Tiller Control

    Tiller steering option
    Stepless forward & reverse speed control
    Integrated LED screen
    Integrated safety cord

  • Evo Side Mount Control

    Solid design with separate display
    Easily mounted
    Low Profile
    Integrated safety cord

  • Evo Top Mount Control

    Remote controller with integrated display
    Easily mounted
    Wired or Wireless setup
    Integrated safety cord

  • Evo Dual Control

    Top mounted dual motor control
    Control two Navy Evo motors simultaneously
    Separate display for maximum flexibility
    Integrated safety cord

  • E60

    High Performance

    E60 (single battery) can support Navy 3.0 Evo (6HP) full power output.

    Flexible Installation

    The height of E60 battery is only 300 mm, allowing flexible installation under the boat seat or other available spaces.


    Features a new innovative double-layer plastic housing design weighing only 33 kg and can be easily lifted by two persons.

  • E163

    High Performance

    E163 (single battery) can support Navy 6.0 Evo (9.9HP) full power output.

    High Reliability

    All-metal housing is more reliable, weather resistant, impact resistant and drop proof.

  • Alternative 48V Battery

    Any appropriate 48v battery can be used to power the Navy Evo range.
    Wet lead-acid, AGM or Gel maintenance free options are all possible to suit your application.
    Battery voltage and state of charge will be available on the ePropulsion display.
    An extensive range of sizes and capacities are available to fit specific spaces.

Try before you buy

With the increasing range of electric propulsion systems being promoted we are finding many performance claims are somewhat over-stated. The Electric Boat Company only offer products we have first hand experience with and in many cases use the exact systems within our own hire fleets, running thousands of hours per year.

A number of our hire fleet operating from Marlow, Oakley Court and Runnymede use the Navy Evo outboard. Why not try one on the water for yourself?

  • ePropulsion Electric Drive Systems

    The ePropulsion range combines style, reliability and ease of use in a range of fantastic products. We have developed extensive experience of their systems and been so impressed a range are used across our hire fleets.

    The digital display delivers all the data you need to get the most out of your time on the water including current speed, power use and remaining range in both time and distance.

    As main dealers for the entire range of ePropulsion products The Electric Boat Company are pleased to offer ongoing support and advice for any system..


The Navy Evo range of motors have similar performance characteristics and are very easy to use. All ePropulsion electric outboards use a direct drive motor with no gears - this delivers considerably more torque and reduces noise to an absolute minimum. With so few moving parts the motors are maintenance-free. No grease, winterising or servicing required!