Waterworld Electric Pod Drive Motors

Introducing the WaterWorld pod drives for commercial and recreational use. Available in fixed mount or steerable setup and an optional foldable propeller.

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    Made from durable salt water resistant aluminium and with a 25mm drive shaft, WaterWorld pod motors are built to perform in the toughest environments.

    Industry leading efficiency

    The hydrodynamic shape minimises drag by up to 70% compared to standard pod motors - optimising performance.

  • Hydrodynamic shape

    The pod motors hydrodynamic shape minimizes drag while maximizing thrust and efficiency. This ensures a smooth ride and enhances manoeuvrability.

    Reduce drag even further

    Streamline your sailing experience with the folding propeller. While sailing, the propeller folds in, reducing drag. This increases your ship’s speed up to 10% while sailing.


Standard with beautiful accessories

All WaterWorld motors come standard with a throttle and color display