Fischer Panda Electric Inboard Motors

Fischer Panda 'Easybox' systems are designed for vessels owners wanting to experience electric cruising with simple but effective controls. Manufactured with brushless permanent-magnet high performing motors which have an efficiency up to 96%, manoeuvring and cruising electrically has never been easier.

Inboard Shaft motors from Fischer Panda are designed to be mounted inboard on the vessel. They feature a double-walled aluminium housing which is completely water-cooled with integrated thrust bearing. 

Reliability and high performance are the minimum you can expect from a Fischer Panda electric motor system.

Pick your Power


  • High performing

    permanent magnet electric motors

    Maximum efficiency

    silent and compact solution

    Stainless steel / aluminium


  • Simple maintenance

  • Regeneration


    High torque

    even at low speeds

    Water cooled

    brushless and sensorless