ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Outboard Motors

The industry leading ePropulsion Spirit range offers a hugely popular introduction to maintenance free electric boating. A simple direct replacement for small petrol outboard engines the motors offer 1kW of output power, equivalent to a 3hp engine.

Lightweight and highly portable, this outboard can be charged using mains, 12 volt or solar power options. The fully bouyant waterproof batteries can be swapped in seconds for extended range.

Please use the information below to help choose the most appropriate solution for your boat. Of course if you have any questions or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Free your Spirit


The Spirit 1.0 range of motors have similar performance characteristics and are very easy to use. All ePropulsion electric outboards use a direct drive motor with no gears - this delivers considerably more torque and reduces noise to an absolute minimum. With so few moving parts the motors are maintenance-free. No grease, winterising or servicing required!

  • Range - how far can you go?

    The figures provided below were achieved on the Hamble River.

    Range in a 3m tender

    At full throttle (1000 watts) you get 6.2mph for 75 minutes - the range is 7.75 miles

    At reduced speed using 25% power (250 watts) you get 4.4mph for 5 hours - giving a range of 22 miles

    Range in a 21' sail boat (RS 21)

    At full throttle (1000 watts) you get 5.5mph for 75 minutes - the range is 6.5 miles

    At reduced speed using 40% power (400 watts) you get 3.5mph for over 3 hours - giving a range of 11 miles

Spirit Accessories