With a legacy dating back to 2002, Hybrid Marine has been at the forefront of advanced hybrid system development. There expertise extends across various maritime domains, catering to inland canal boats, commercial barges, and even high-performance offshore sailing catamarans. Renowned for thier award-winning patented parallel hybrid systems, the culmination of extensive research, thier integrated power and propulsion solutions have demonstrated their efficacy in diverse applications.

In 2007, they achieved a pioneering milestone by introducing the world's 1st production parallel hybrid to the marine industry. From 2008 onward, they collaborated with Beta Marine UK to deliver comprehensive parallel hybrid systems catering to both inland and offshore vessels, leveraging their diverse line-up of marine diesel engines. Additionally, since 2010, they have forged a close partnership with E.P. Barrus UK, the exclusive importer of Yanmar engines, to provide hybrid systems centered around the widely acclaimed Yanmar marine diesel engine series.