The client, seeking an advanced and sustainable boating solution, approached The Electric Boat Company for a unique venture. The GS 22 Tender became the canvas for innovation, setting the stage for an unparalleled electric boating experience.

1st in the country

The highlight of this project was the installation of ePropulsion's 10kW inboard motor—the first of its kind in the country. Operating on 96V instead of the conventional 48V, this system boasts higher efficiency and reduced current consumption. The heart of the system, an air-cooled 10kW motor with a single-speed gearbox and integrated speed controller, positions the GS 22 Tender at the forefront of electric boating technology.

Efficient Battery Placement:

The Electric Boat Company opted for a fully ePropulsion-centric approach, incorporating two large LFP 10kWh 96V batteries seamlessly under the boat's rear seats. This strategic placement optimizes space while ensuring a robust power supply for extended river cruising. The 5" smart touchscreen provides real-time insights and system management, including over-the-air updates and GPS tracking, offering a holistic end-to-end solution.

Smart Power Management in Compact Design

This vessel features a starter battery for the motor and a dedicated domestic battery for accessories like the fridge and bow thruster. Additional safety components, including a main motor cutoff and battery fuses, are seamlessly integrated to meet boat safety standards. Neatly packaged beneath the back seat, this setup ensures a clutter-free and secure space for storage, with cables neatly organized in orange high-voltage conduit for added protection

The Electric Boat Company's expertise shines through in the successful integration of ePropulsion's 10kW inboard motor into the GS 22 Tender. This innovative installation transforms the cruiser into a sustainable and efficient river companion. The Electric Boat Company's commitment to excellence, combined with ePropulsion's cutting-edge technology, creates a harmonious blend of performance, sustainability, and user-friendly design, ushering in a new era of electric boating.