Client Background

Situated within the breath-taking landscapes of Buckinghamshire, the Cliveden National Trust sought to enhance its tour boat experience by embracing the future of eco-friendly boating. With a primary goal of preserving the tranquillity of this historic site and minimizing environmental impact, they sought an electric boat solution that would revolutionize their guest experiences.

  • Serenity Preservation:

    The primary challenge was to maintain the serene atmosphere of Cliveden's surroundings. The boat had to operate in near silence to ensure a peaceful tour for guests and to respect the natural habitat.

  • Extended Operation:

    The boat needed to perform daily tours spanning over 8 hours, making it imperative to develop a robust and long-lasting power solution.

  • Sustainability:

    Cliveden National Trust was committed to reducing its environmental footprint and wanted an electric boat system that aligned with their sustainability mission.

The Approach

The Electric Boat Company embarked on a journey to redefine the Cliveden National Trust experience by introducing the Waterworld inboard motor system, a cutting-edge electric boat technology that addressed these pressing challenges. Our approach encompassed the following pivotal elements:

  • Whisper-Quiet Propulsion:

    The Waterworld inboard motor system was engineered to produce near-silent propulsion, preserving the tranquility of Cliveden's waters and the enjoyment of visitors.

  • Unparalleled Endurance:

    Advanced battery technology and energy management were employed to ensure the tour boat could operate seamlessly for over 8 hours on a single overnight charge.

  • Environmental Stewardship:

    By adopting the electric boat technology, Cliveden National Trust showcased its unwavering commitment to environmental conservation, making a profound statement in sustainability.


4kW Inboard Electric Motor

In this installation, we opted for a direct drive system powering the propeller shaft, eliminating the need for a transmission. Engine mounts were designed to be adjustable for precise tuning, while the self-contained engine compartment housed both the power unit and control electronics in one convenient package. Notably, air cooling was chosen as the cooling method, rendering water cooling unnecessary for this specific boat.


Real Time Display

All WaterWorld motors come standard with a touch screen colour display presenting all relevant motor and battery information. Always be up to date with the performance of your drivetrain.

Accurate display of:

  • Power
  • Rpm
  • Motor temperature
  • Controller temperature
  • Battery state of charge
  • Remaining sailing time
  • Battery voltage

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Eco-Friendly Serenity:

The Cliveden National Trust Tour boat, equipped with the Waterworld inboard motor system, now operates in near silence, offering guests a serene and immersive experience that complements the pristine natural beauty of Cliveden.

Extended Tour Hours:

The Waterworld system surpassed expectations, enabling the tour boat to provide longer, more extensive tours without compromising performance or tranquility.

Sustainability Triumph:

Cliveden National Trust achieved a significant milestone in their sustainability efforts by embracing electric boat technology, demonstrating their dedication to protecting and preserving the environment.

Incredible Guest Experience

Trip adviser username Mina G - July 2023

"It could not have been a better experience short of the weather which was cloudy and out of our control. The boat was pristine: comfortable, spacious, attractive and clean. It also has a covering which would protect against light rain. As the boat is electric (almost brand new because it was apparently only built in 2020) , there is NO smell of gasoline and it is just so quiet that we could hear the water lapping against the boat and hear the breeze in the trees. This has to be one of the most stunning stretches of the Thames and we loved the experience. Our skipper was most knowledgeable and added depth to the sights we were experiencing. Would I go again? In a heartbeat."

The Cliveden National Trust Tour boat, powered by the innovative Waterworld inboard motor system, stands as a testament to the future of electric boat technology. This transformative journey showcases how serenity, sustainability, and guest experience can coexist harmoniously.

For those seeking to elevate their boat experience while preserving the serenity of their surroundings, the Waterworld inboard motor system is the ultimate choice. Join the Cliveden National Trust in their commitment to sustainable, silent, and serene boating. Discover the future of eco-friendly exploration with the Electric Boat Company.