Client Background

Handcrafted by Mark Williams over nearly two decades, 'Touch Wood' featured exquisite woodwork, making it a personal labor of love. The owner sought to modernize this classic beauty by adding an electric powertrain, embracing the future of clean and sustainable boating.

  • Electric Powertrain:

    Upon visiting the boat to assess its specifications and dimensions, The Electric Boat Company proposed a 4kW WaterWorld electric motor as the ideal power source. This selection was made based on its compatibility with inland waterways use and its ability to seamlessly fit into the existing boat structure.

    The chosen electric motor is a state-of-the-art brushless design, ensuring maintenance-free operation.

  • Real-time Information:

    The system boasts an integrated electronic controller that meticulously monitors system performance for a smooth and safe user experience. Real-time information is readily accessible through a 5" full-color LED screen, providing essential data such as remaining battery power and runtime.

  • Minimalist design:

    To control speed, a minimalist throttle was integrated into the system, blending seamlessly with the boat's aesthetics.

Battery Solution

For the power source, a 48V 235Ah Lead-Acid battery bank was carefully selected. This choice was driven by the need to optimize the use of available space while delivering the necessary range for the boat's intended usage. Remarkably, cruising at 4 knots required less than half of the available power, enabling an extended runtime of up to 6 hours.



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Finishing Aesthetic Touches

Upon the successful electrification of 'Touch Wood,' the boat was delivered to the skilled artisans at Henwood and Dean, local traditional boatbuilders. They added the final aesthetic touches to enhance the boat's overall appearance and maintain its classic charm.

The electrification of 'Touch Wood' was a remarkable endeavor that combined classic craftsmanship with modern, sustainable technology. The Electric Boat Company's expertise, combined with WaterWorld's electric motor and Lead-Acid battery bank, seamlessly integrated electric power while maintaining the boat's aesthetic appeal.

This project exemplifies how traditional vessels can be transformed into eco-friendly, electric-powered marvels without compromising their heritage. The owner has documented the entire electrification process in a detailed blog, allowing enthusiasts to delve deeper into the journey of 'Touch Wood.'