Corsiva, known for its cutting-edge boat designs, presents the Corsiva 505, the latest addition to their impressive lineup. This modern marvel of nautical engineering not only embodies style and innovation but is also the perfect canvas for the installation of the ePropulsion 3kW outboard motor. This case study delves into the transformation of the Corsiva 505, enhancing its cruising experience by integrating the quiet and eco-friendly ePropulsion motor.

Many thanks to James at Val Wyatt Marine for this excellent video walkthrough.

A Marriage of Form and Function:

The Corsiva 505 stands out with its sleek, modern styling that captures the essence of contemporary boating. A notable feature of this boat is the sun pad positioned at the rear, thoughtfully complemented by an outboard well. This strategic design choice creates the ideal canvas for the ePropulsion 3kW outboard, offering a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Efficient Battery Placement:

The Corsiva 505 is equipped with a spacious locker beneath the rear seat, providing ample room for battery placement while also preserving stowage capacity. Custom-designed battery trays were expertly welded to house the specified single E80 battery, with the flexibility to accommodate a second battery in the future.

Sleek Integration:

Additionally, the 12V battery and charger board are thoughtfully integrated beneath the seat, ensuring a clutter-free space beneath the hatch.

Optimizing Control:

The Navy Evo 3.0 offers various control options, and The Electric Boat Company recommended utilizing a side-mount control in combination with a top-mount display for real-time monitoring of motor and battery status.

This case study unmistakably showcases the remarkable achievement of seamlessly integrating the ePropulsion 3kW outboard motor into the Corsiva 505. The Electric Boat Company's invaluable expertise and meticulous approach have been instrumental in taking the boating experience to new heights. The installer's unwavering dedication to providing silent, eco-friendly, and efficient boating solutions has significantly enhanced the Corsiva 505, steering it toward a future of enhanced sustainability and even more enjoyable journeys on the water.